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We are an innovated and inspired dental laboratory specialising in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry.

The systems and products we use are carefully selected, for their aesthetics, strength, Biocompatibility, reliability and innovation. It is because of these reasons that we have chosen the following companies for our products:

Thin Veneers

“A good veneer restoration is as true- to- nature in appearance as the adjoining natural dentition”

We use IPS Emax for our Private veneers, as they create a true reflection of nature and the material allows us to produce extremely thin veneers plus conventional porcelain veneers.

Thin veneers
EMAX Crowns & Bridges

All Ceramic restorations meet the highest level of aesthetic expectations and are biocompatible.

The versatility of Emax with its varying degrees of opacity translucency and opalescence allows us to produce restorations of natural beauty for not only Veneers but also Crowns and Bridges.

Emax Crowns
CAD CAM Zirconia Restorations

Zirconia is another great All Ceramic material, it combines natural appearance with high strength.

LAVA , Everest, and Straumann are just a few of the Cad Cam systems for Crowns and Bridges, they possess a very high strength framework via a CAD/CAM manufacturing possess which can be matched precisely to the colour of the patients natural dentition.

In addition, to producing computerised frameworks we are able to accept Digital impressions so eliminating the need for conventional impressions . Once this has been downloaded onto our system, we can start work on the framework design, and then to the finished restoration.

CAD CAM Zirconia Restorations

Dr J R Henley of Cleveland Terrace Dental

Implants Systems.

Implants are becoming ever more popular.

We are a Straumann platinum laboratory but also have experience with most leading implant systems including Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech{Atlantis).Dentsply (Ankylos) etc.


Composite is a useful and versatile material, that can be used for many different restorations and in some cases a cost effective alternative to pressable ceramic, Inlays, crowns, veneers Maryland bridges, incorporating fibre reinforcement are just some of the option available. Ceramage (Shofu) is our current system.

Bonded Crown & Bridge

Even with the fantastic new materials at our disposal there is still a place for both bonded porcelain to metal and full metal crowns and inlays, using precious gold alloys and non precious if required Please note the same highly skilled technician are used to produce these items.